Can I leave a comment on a campaign page?

Sure, you can! To leave a comment, you need to be on the page on which you want to comment. There are 2 ways to leave a comment:

  1. Comments section – This section is located at the end of the page. You will comment as your Facebook profile, but your comment won’t be automatically shared on your timeline. You can decide if you want your comment to be posted on your Facebook profile. Simply check or  uncheck the box just below your comment’s message that says “Also post on Facebook”.
  2. Comments button – Locate the rectangle box below the “INFORMATIONS” and “CONTACT US” tabs, that contains the campaign’s description. In the top right of the rectangle, you will see 2 options: “share” or “comments”. Click on “comments”: you will be redirected to the comments section at the end of the page.
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